Friends are said to be mirrors of who we are or who we aspire to be. Describe someone important to you.

There are far too many to just list one right now. Like the moment you mentioned someone important all of these faces came flooding into my mind. I’ll name a couple that come up.

Stevie: First off would have to be my soul mate. Even though I haven’t known her but a year in the short time that I have I literally feel like we’re on a totally different level. And honestly I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. She understands me, and I understand her. We’re inseparable and I honestly couldn’t picture my life without her. She’s literally an extension of myself I feel like.

Joey, Bryan, and Maygen: These three, oh my goodness, where do I even begin. I love these kids with all my heart. Like no lie, I get this weird maternal instinct over them. I see the things they do and I just get all gushy and proud and shit. They are all so wonderful. Joey is this super sassy little fiend, that I literally can’t even begin to tell you how much he reminds me of a sassier younger me. (With much better fashion sense.)  Bryan, he’s probably one of the sweetest boys that I’ve ever met. And he’s so creative and loving, and just good guy all around. Then there is Maygen, she texts me every morning to tell me good morning and see how my day is going.  Which means the world to me. I love these fucking kids with all my heart, and if anyone fucking attempts to talk down/start shit/etc I will be on your ass quicker than white on fucking rice. And satan’s barbed dick hath no fury like mine. You will rue the fucking day you thought it would be a good idea to fuck my with babies… I love them, enough said.

Ashton: My best friend. The one who I’m most connected to. I love her more than I probably should. We’re two of the best pieces of shit, and we embrace our own festering corruption. And when shit goes down I know she’ll be right there with me, bottle in hand ready to watch the world burn. ;3

  1. sleepyybear said: Just scrolling through my dash only to be hit with feels out of no where. Woah. Like, why aren’t you next to me?
  2. frogpuncherzeppeli said: I just hope that one of your “babies” doesn’t continue to shit talk me then.
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